New figures compiled by the Catholic Education Commission's February census of schools reveals enrolments in NSW diocesan schools have increased by 2.6 % from the same period in February, 1999.
   The Catholic Weekly reports that the CEC's figures show increases in all 11 dioceses, with a total of 192,979 student enrolments. Broken down, the statistics show a 1.15 % increase in primary student enrolments and a 4.9 % increase in secondary student enrolments across the State.
   The figures confirm the trend of the last decade in which Catholic systemic schools have attracted new enrolments at the annual rate of 0.5 %, with higher rates shown in recent years.
   Acting Executive Director of Schools for the Sydney Archdiocese, Mr Terry Keogh, said the statewide trend was also reflected in the archdiocese's 151 schools, though in Sydney the situation was more "complex and fluid" because of changing demographics.
   He said: "You can see a decline in some inner-city schools while those in outlying suburbs are attracting strong enrolments that reflect the population growth there."
Cath Weekly 24/2/00

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