A romantic 'priest' hugging a shapely 'nun' on Israeli television has led to a holy controversy with the Roman Catholic church.
   The Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem said on Thursday that it had demanded a public apology from the producers of a 'candid camera' TV program for an irreverent segment filmed in Italy and broadcast last week.
   A hidden camera filmed a popular Israeli comedian, dressed as a priest, cavorting in a public plaza with a 'nun' as he asked passersby what he should do to win her heart. The 'priest' also made the sign of the cross and slapped people on the forehead as he 'blessed' them in the square.
   "This offended thousands of Christians and even non-Christians in the Holy Land and many are continuing to contact us to express their rage," said Wadie Abu Nasser, an adviser to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah. "We are asking for an apology. If our demand is not met, we will begin legal action," he said.
Reuters 21/2/00

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