Members of the Scottish Parliament are considering proposals to make homosexual relationships equal in law to heterosexual marriages, but the move has angered the Church in Scotland and family campaigners.
   An earlier plan would have given homosexual couples the same legal status as other cohabiting couples, but because homosexuals cannot marry this was seen as discrimination. The new proposals will add a clause to the Parliament's Incapable Adults Bill to ensure legal equality is in enshrined in law.
   Parliamentary officer John Deighton condemned the idea, saying: "It would appear that this Labor Government which called itself the party for the family has adopted a radically different understanding of what true family values really are."
   Fr Danny McLoughlin, spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland, told today's Universe newspaper: "We cannot accept homosexual activity as morally acceptable. We are against laws that are going to give the impression that a homosexual relationship is equal to that of a heterosexual married couple because that promotes the acceptability of a homosexual lifestyle."
CWN 21/2/00

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