In remarks to artists who had gathered at the Vatican for their special Jubilee celebration, Pope John Paul II said that the partnership between art and faith must be renewed by a "conversion of heart" on the part of every working artist.
   The artists' Jubilee, which was scheduled for the feast of Blessed Fra Angelico, was "a time to renew the fruitful alliance between the Church and art," the Holy Father said. The Pontiff visited St. Peter's Basilica, to meet and bless the assembled participants in the Jubilee, after a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Roger Etchegaray.
   Artists musty "live the Christian faith at a deep level, so that the faith generates culture, and gives the world new epiphanies of the divine beauty which are reflected in creation," the Pope said.
   He suggested that the ultimate "artist" is the Holy Spirit, who works through the free actions of believers to transform hearts and souls.
   The Pope remarked on the artistic beauty of the Vatican basilica itself-- including the Pieta by Michelangelo and the graceful Bernini columns as well as the mastery of the building's own architecture. He urged artists to make similar efforts to turn the attention of the people toward God, and to call the attention of the world to the splendor of God's creation.
CWN 21/2/00

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